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freewaydiva: (Pook!)
There are more pharmacies than people.

Those pharmacies sell a full array of Adult Beverages(!).

Man, do these people honk their horns a lot!

I really enjoyed giving full play to my inveterate need to j-walk.

There are nearly as many Baskin-Robbins and Dunkin' Donuts as there are pharmacies. And some of them are open 24-hours.

Millennium park is kind of neat, even in winter.

They still haven't completely put away Christmas, and St. Pat's is next week. I find that kind of hilarious.

I really enjoyed getting my architecture geek on.

There is not enough money in the world to get me to put on a crazy show choir dress. Or sing in a show choir, for that matter.

I can pick out a choir geek on the street from half a block.

The water tastes terrible. So terrible that I broke my own moral code and bought bottled water. Twice.

It's a nice place but not, as it turns out, my kind of town.
freewaydiva: (Palestrina Manuscript)
We were delayed out of Seattle, and the turbulence was...turbulent. But I, and my knitting, prevailed. Thankfully, the flight was light and I had an emergencyexit row. :)

Today is a low-responsibility sort of day - after breakfast I just got my bearings and then f*&ked off to take pictures. It's very grey, here, so the photos aren't very vibrant. I'll try to post them tonight, if I can get my camera to talk to TCCITW.

We're off to lunch, shortly, and then a rehearsal for tomorrow's singing. Oh! And I've already run into a friend from TSSS.

My favorite game is "guess the Choir Geek" on the street. So far, I'm batting 1000.

We're distinct, like that.

Further bulletins as events warrant!

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