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I'm back.

Jun. 22nd, 2012 09:33 am
freewaydiva: (Mind the Gap)
[personal profile] freewaydiva
I've been avoiding a cumulative post about the week in Italy, partially because I've just been so busy since getting back, and partially because it would truly underscore the fact that I'm no longer there.

The end of the week brought a concert of Restoration Period polyphony (Purcell, Blow and Locke) held in the lobby of The Best Hotel EVAR. It wasn't hugely attended, but it didn't matter. We did well, and had a fine time of it. It was also a good lead-in to the next day's Operastravaganza. I also completely caved, and had some pasta at dinner, which was, of course, amazing.

Saturday - our last day in Triora - was made up of a final rehearsal in the piazza for Dido, the afternoon off to rest up, and then the performance for a much more sizeable crowd. The café even had an Opera Special to offer, which was fantastic. In spite of us never having done a complete run-through without stopping, and some costume/logistical things that hadn't actually been done in rehearsal before, we aquitted ourselves of the performance rather well. We won't be taking La Scala by storm, but for a week's rehearsal, I think we ought to be rather proud of our accomplishment. Not only were there no snafus, everyone performed well, looked good, and rolled with whatever small stumbles there may have been. Certainly nothing memorable.

Dinner that night, however, was completely memorable. A meat-fest the likes of which I've not seen: beef, lamb, chicken, pork *and* rabbit. (And antipasti, pasta, and gelato). Dear God...

Because we had an INSANELY early wake-up call the next morning (we needed to be on a bus and rocketing down the hill by 5:30am), most of us were in bed at a reasonable hour, and up with the sun.

It was a glorious week, really. Lovely music, lovely location, lovely people. The adjustment to the life I'd been living before I left has been really, REALLY hard.

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