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Rehearsals continue apace - I'm still amazed at how quickly things are coming together. We did a full run-through, yesterday that went quite well. I did my little solo bit, and didn't completely suck, which was a big personal win. (I've been cast as "Spirit" in Dido which is a tiny but pivotal role.) Today we're doing a dry run-through in the church piazza where we'll be performing. The current idea is that I'll hike up to a balcony and sing my bit from there. I hope it works out, because that would be cool.

The only other "official" thing we did yesterday was a master class with Deb and Julia. About seven of us got up and had a 15 minute session. Really lovely stuff. If I had known that I could bring music for strings, I might have worked up some Handel, but as it was we all had a great time. Probably the most relaxed master class I've done to date.

This afternoon we're free-range. I plan to wander about the town and take a load of photos that look as timeless as I can make them (which should be easy, since not a lot has changed here since the middle ages. Hopefully the witch museum will be open, too. Then it will be a nap and some practicing and yet another four course dinner. For the record, last night involved prociutto-wrapped veal. The things I do for my art...

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