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The service at St. Paul's Cathedral, this morning, was pretty great. It was, coincidentally, the same mass (Haydn's Nelson Mass, for those playing along at home) as two years ago when I was there, although this time Patrick and Jan were singing. It was lovely to hear Jan singing in full voice, and they both did very well. It's a shame that no photography is allowed in there. The mosaics are stunning. I find it interesting that both times I've been there, Hassler's "O Sacred Head Now Wounded" spontaneously pops into my head. Weird.

There were quite a few of us from the course, there, so we were treated to the Sneaky Back Way to the downstairs cafe (past the aforementioned Nelson's grave, even) for a bit of coffee and chat following the service, which was lovely.

After all of that, I hopped the tube back home to get my camera and KnitNation registration, and thought "it's not far from my hotel, I think I'll walk!" So, naturally, the skies opened up and I was caught in a rain shower of BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS. Good times. I arrived at the convention completely soaked, got my merchants pass and took a spin around the joint before picking up a couple of things for my knitting hockey pool prizewinner buddy, and three skeins of wool for myself (50/50 Zwartbles/Mohair in a GORGEOUS dark olive green). After that, it was around the corner to the V&A to get all up close and personal with the clothing in their permanent collection.

Except that I was THWARTED!

That room is closed until Spring 2012. Boo. So, I wandered around in the Medieval/Renaissance areas before deciding that I was tired and my feet hurt, so I came back to my hotel. One of the girls on the course has a concert in London, tonight, but by the time I got the address of the place and figured out where it is, it was too late to make it. Again with the boo.

So, now I'm sitting in my hotel, watching TV and trying to decide what I want to do about dinner.

Back to Seattle, tomorrow, where I'll get to snuggle with my kitty. And start planning my next big adventure.
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