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Jul. 17th, 2011 09:31 am
freewaydiva: (Mind the Gap)
[personal profile] freewaydiva
London seems to be largely peopled by French. Also: Picadilly Circus = Times Square. Also, also: Phantom of the Opera is still running, which...really? ::shrug::

So, I took myself to see a show, last night (as you may have guessed by the 57 posts I've made about it). Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead at the Royal Theatre Haymarket, just off the Circus. LOVELY building, and an incredibly entertaining performance. All of my Word Nerd/Existentialist friends should go look it up. A film was made a while back with Gary Oldman and Tim Roth - go watch it.

Today, I'm up and at the same cafe as yesterday, before heading over to St. Pauls for the 11:30 Show. Patrick will, I believe, be the Alto soloist for the...Hayden? Mass, which will also feature Special Guest Star Janet Coxwell on Soprano, both directed by Andrew Carwood. It should be lovely. After that, I'll work my way back to the Kensington area to hit the V&A and the KnitNation convention, which are conveniently located right next to each other. No idea what I'll do this evening, though. We'll see how that goes..

OH! And I fulfilled my quest for appropriate salt & pepper shakers to mark my fourth trip to London. I may have also picked up a punky t-shirt. I totally forgot to look for Union Jack running shorts for my brother, though. I'll have to keep an eye out, today.

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