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Well, Christ on a bike, did we get our act together at the last minute. Seriously. The looks of anguish on the faces of ALL of the tutors and Peter during the dress rehearsal must have flipped a deeply-seated switch in us all, because we NAILED the performances. Every piece. Even Spem. Twice. That is hugely gratifying, being a part of an ensemble that is actually ensembling, and doing it well. I'm quite proud of what we accomplished. I hope everyone else is, as well.

We also aquitted ourselves of our EPIC PARTY duties rather well. I don't remember the last time I stayed up past 3am. o.0 There was, as you might imagine, much hilarity. It was a fun bunch, this go 'round. And, as always, when they do the Certificate Receiving Line, I learned the names of probably 45% of the people I'd been looking at for a week. It's one of the perks of the course. ;)

This morning came rather early, and I may have gotten a little verklempt saying goodbye to quite a few of the folks, but travelling back to London on a train full of people I knew was quite nice. The pouring rain, however, was not.

So now I'm sitting in a cafe, after having navigated the tube and locating my hotel successfully, figuring out where I need to be next. (Just off of Picadilly Circus, for the record).

I'll post some sort of "Let me essplain, no there is too much, let me sum up" thing when I've had a chance to let my thoughts percolate a bit. But the current general consensus is that the week was made of WIN.
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