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Yesterday, we went to Oxford. A small group of us found a very nice cafe, and had some lunch (with dessert, of course), and then sort of wandered around a bit before we needed to be at Magdalen College Chapel for a rehearsal. It was an amazingly beautiful space, but the light wasn't good enough inside to take many pictures. Boo.

Evensong, there, went fairly well, and then it was a quick jog up the street for some dinner before taking our seats at Christ Church Cathedral for a Tallis Scholars (the real ones) concert. They did a variety of things, including the Allegri Miserere, for which the quartet stood right behind where I was sitting. It was a bit of a revalation, since I was able to hear some fiddly bits in the music that I'd never picked up from recordings or other live performances before. Very nice! The light was MUCH better, in that space, so I did get some pictures.

Then we were hurried out the door and back on the coaches for the drive back to Oakham. I had the pleasure of having Dr. Sara as my seat mate. Hilarity enused. I'd not really had much of a chance to talk to her, yet, so it was Most Premium time.

Back to our regular schedule, today, with the lovely addition of Patrick Craig and Chris Watson to the tutor lineup. Only a day until the Gala Concert, and the end of the course. It goes by so quickly, and yet it seems like we've been here a month.

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