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I would have thought that finally getting a full night's sleep would have improved my mood, but the reverse seemed to occur, yesterday. Anyone who has ever sung with me probably knows that one of my biggest pet peeves are those folks for whom Stopping Singing = Starting Talking*. What's worse is when it's people who are really just interested in showcasing their obvious superiority in knowledge and musicality, and all-around awesomeness ::looks at some Tenors:: when the DIRECTOR is...you know...GIVING DIRECTION to everyone else. That crap put me on a bit of a slow boil for the rest of the day. And the oversinging by the group really can stop, now. We need to make it to Friday.

I'll save my ranty rant about Perfect Pitch And The Cross It Is To Bear for some other time, but suffice to say that later in the day there was DRAHMAH about that when we were handed a piece of music and then expected to sing it a semitone lower. My Stars!

The other thing that was...disappointing, really, was to discover "the man behind the curtain." Sometimes humans are so...human. ::small sigh::

But the day wasn't all Drama and Intrigue. The woman paired with me on my part for Spem seems to be a Sister from Another Mister. We've officially become the silliest section in the whole choir. We're having a GREAT time, and, if I may say, nailing our part quite well. ::flicks imaginary dust off of shoulder and looks smug::

It's a good group of people this year. The cliques are few, and most everyone seems to be fairly friendly. The language barrier is a struggle for some, it seems, but that doesn't stop them from attempting conversation. Also: the coffee shop across the street is made of WIN.

Today was essentially the same as yesterday, but without the bad attitude. Mostly. ::looks at some Tenors:: I had a voice lesson with Deb Roberts ::fangirl squeal::, and I'll be cantoring Compline, tonight. And we're doing Evensong at the parish church, here, this evening as well. A lot of singing for one day, really. But tomorrow? Tomorrow is a field trip to Oxford, which should be a rainy fun time.

Also, the pigeons here are really loud. And look awfully meaty...

*The other is about the logistics of getting choirs on and off the stage, and other logistical issues, but that's a rant for another day.
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