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Sunday was the first full day of Tallis-ing. It always feels like Monday, to me, and it takes me well into the afternoon to remember that it isn't, which explains why nothing is open. Also, quick props out to the Old Wisteria Hotel - I'd forgotten my plug converter in my room when I checked out, and they sent me a very nice email to let me know. When I was coming up the walk on Sunday, the really nice receptionist - Katie, I think - had it in her hand to give to me. Great service!

So, the day quickly got into the normal pattern. Notices, warm up, Spem rehearsal, break, full-choir rehearsal, short lecture, lunch, Spem rehearsal, break, small group rehearsal, break, another small group rehearsal, supper, full choir rehearsal, compline rehearsal, compline, bar. It's a lot of singing. A LOT of singing. Hard, but fun work. And we're making serious headway with some challenging stuff.

One of the things I really love about doing this course, is that Peter and some of the tutors are always researching the subject area, something from which we benefit by being their performance lab-rats. Last year, it was a piece that Deb's colleague found moldering in the back of a convent in Italy. This year, Peter found and arranged the Missa Euge bone by Tye, which is GLORIOUS. Really lush and lovely. We tackled the Agnus Dei on Sunday evening, and it's just beautiful. I'm assuming that we'll work it into the concert rotation, somehow. Yay!

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