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...where was I?

Yes. Saturday!

I ran into an unexpected face in the hotel lobby on Saturday. Turns out that one of my favorites from last year in Seattle decided to cross the pond this year. Yay! Ran into a few other familiar faces at breakfast, and then we were off to the school to get ourselves situated. I'm in a different dorm than the last time. One without ethernet cables in the rooms, for all that the internet is alive and well, there. (Fortunately, another dorm we're using has extras, hence my typing here, now.)

This year, as you may have heard me wax on about at great and wondrous length, is a bit different, in that we're doing Thomas Tallis' "Spem in alium," a 40(!) voice motet. However, it is also delightfully the same in a lot of respects. This year the US and Canada are well-represented, as well as England, Sweden, Italy, Russia, Spain, Australia, Germany and France (an ex-pat, but still...she lives where she lives). Several people are here from my last trip, which has made it really easy to slip right into the pattern, and there are lots of new folks who are just delightful. It seems to be a decent blend of personalities, and I have to mention how high the musicianship bar is, this year. We're tearing through sight-reading like it's no big deal, which is making it even more fun since the angst is lower.

The food, as expected, is fairly dreadful. Apparently that's something upon which the kitchen, here, prides itself. ::blink::

So, for those playing along at home, the music for this session is as follows (and please go track down youtube footage or audio recordings - it's lovely stuff!):

Spem in alium - Tallis
Dum Transisset - Taverner
2nd Service (Magnificat/Nunc Dimittis) - Byrd
Verbum Caro - Sheppard
Ave Maria - Parsons
Domine, quis habitabit - Parsons
The Lord's Prayer - Sheppard
Christe qui lux - White
Te lucis ante terminum/Procul recedant - Tallis

In addition, there's compline and sharing, but more on that later.

The beds are horrible, the tiny irritating bug life is prolific, and the bar is well-stocked. Thankfully, there are two coffee shops, two doors apart, directly across the street and a lovely little restaurant tucked away behind the parish church, so I will neither starve nor thirst to any great extent, while I am here.

Sleep, on the other hand, may be a bit hard to come by...

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