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Jul. 15th, 2011

freewaydiva: (Music)
I have to say that I am enjoying the nice coffee shop across the street. The food in the cantine may be trying to kill me, but every day has started with a 3-shot latte. This is a Good Thingtm.

Thursday was pretty much Standard Issue for the first part of the day: breakfast, warm-up, rehearse, break, rehearse, lunch, lecture (from Patrick about performing Spem). Then anyone doing a small group piece needed to perform it for Deb, which meant that I had a GIANT chunk of time in the afternoon, during which I took a long and glorious nap. After that, we had a full-choir rehearsal for Spem (we'd only done it all together once before) and...it didn't crash. Neither did it burn. We were pretty good, actually.

In the evening, we all gathered 'round in the Chapel for the "Sharing Concert." All week, people had been getting together in groups to work on other pieces of music, and this was the opportunity to perform them in front of a jury of their peers together with everyone in a non-threatening environment. It was really quite good. The only real unpleasantness can be categorized under "What has been seen cannot be unseen." >.< Then it was Boy Night at Compline, followed by our usual bar shenannigans (and an extra cocktail to muddle the visual memory from earlier in the evening). Also, it would seem that I am in need of a pair of red patent stiletto pumps. Who knew? Also, also: David is very cheeky.

Which brings us to today. We've just finished our last rehearsal before our Gala Concert, this evening. It would be bittersweet, except that I was making so many mistakes that I'm glad for another opportunity to get it right. And we're making a Spem sandwich - doing it once at the beginning, and then again at the end. No sense in doing all of this preparation just to perform it the once!

One more Compline, and then the Epic Party of Finishing in the TSSS Memorial Library Bar, where I fervently hope they've re-stocked the gin.

Tomorrow, I return to London for a couple of days on my own. I plan to give full play to a few of my other geeks (V&A for costume research, the theatre, KnitNation and probably the British Museum) before returning to Seattle on Monday. I also expect to take more photos, there, I hope.

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