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Jul. 13th, 2011

freewaydiva: (Music)
It's an odd thing how sometimes counting to four can be such a challenge, but there it is.

So, wow, did I sing a lot, yesterday. Rehearsal, rehearsal, lunch, post to blog, rehearsal, Evensong, small group rehearsal x2, Compline. But, under Jan and Deb's expert instruction, and not talking during breaks, I made it to the end of the day with a voice, and woke up with it again this morning, so I did something right. Go me!

I was thrown a couple of curve-balls at compline, last night. Normally, we do the same service night in and night out, so cantoring is no big Magilla. You get your starting note, and off you go. Last night, however, we did a full-group, polyphonic Te Lucis by Tallis that was in a higher key, which threw me a little, and there was a snap decision to do the Salve Regina chant at the end that I hadn't rehearsed. I was pleasantly surprised at a) how little that freaked me out and b) how well I rolled with it once I found my stride. Even the Te Lucis incipit at a higher - and slightly awkward, for me - pitch. I feel much improved. :)

(Madame Z, if you're reading this, the general consensus is that my voice has shifted up a bit, just like you thought. That should make things interesting.)

I really like the compline services we do here, and cantoring really helps me center. It's also kind of fun, since I don't have a church gig and I get to draw on my past experience with chant choirs.

Today, we're off to Oxford. We'll be doing Evensong at Magdalen College, and then hearing the Tallis Scholars perform at Christ Church in the evening. We will also have the opportunity to eat real food at a restaurant of our choice, which will be a nice break from the absolute crap they serve in the cafeteria (although, I have to say that the bacon is very nice). AND (and this is a Very! Exciting! Thing!) we'll be bringing Patrick back with us! EEE! He's so much fun.

::waves at Jan, to see if she made it this far...::

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