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Mar. 11th, 2011

freewaydiva: (Palestrina Manuscript)
This was the Day of Singing. Our first performance was at 11am (or, 9am in our time zone). It went well, which was both surprising and not - surprising because it was early and we were all tired, and not because we can now sing this piece in our sleep. (In fact, I think my roomie actually did that.)

After a bit of down time, we had the sound check for our first evening performance at the Orchestra Hall. Very fancy! It felt a bit weird to be on a big stage, like that, after singing mostly in churches, but the acoustics were great. There was time to leisurely change back into our concert dress and get back to the venue where we completely nailed all 20 minutes of the Strauss. It was fantastic, and several people lept to their feet to applaud when we ended. Very gratifying!

From there, we hiked several blocks to our third performance of the day. Chicago Temple, United Methodist Church. The outside looked like an office building. The inside was exquisitely carved wood, stained glass, and gothtastic painted embellishments. Also, it had superb sound. We had a respectable audience, and delivered a great performance of all four movements of the Schnittke Concerto for choir a capella. Before we got started, a woman came up to Eric, the director, and thanked him for bringing the "meatiest and most important music of the entire conference." As it turns out, she did her doctoral thesis on the piece we were about to sing. :) It's nice to perform for an educated audience.

After THAT, we headed back over to the main hotel where we were being hosted at a party by the guy running the convention. (In the fancy suite that Conrad Hilton (THE Hilton) built as his personal apartment at the top of the fancy hotel. Very posh!) It seems that this gentleman held the same opinion as the nice lady, and wanted to thank us by giving us snackies and cocktails. He also wanted us to sing the Strauss for him. So we did. It sounds WAY crazier after a little wine, but it was a Choir Nerd moment of the highest magnitude. After that, things devolved into show tunes and pool, so I bailed.

Today, we've had nothing but time until the bus arrives to take us to the airport. I was originally going to head to the Art Institute, but the notion of standing on marble floors was, in the end, largely unappealing. So after having a nice coffee in the glorious sunshine, I cruised the exhibitions at the convention, and am now happily sitting down - not walking - at the Chicago Public Library, exploiting their free Wi-Fi. I even managed to catch a bit of a free lunchtime concert of Irish music. :)

So, a lovely trip, all in all.
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There are more pharmacies than people.

Those pharmacies sell a full array of Adult Beverages(!).

Man, do these people honk their horns a lot!

I really enjoyed giving full play to my inveterate need to j-walk.

There are nearly as many Baskin-Robbins and Dunkin' Donuts as there are pharmacies. And some of them are open 24-hours.

Millennium park is kind of neat, even in winter.

They still haven't completely put away Christmas, and St. Pat's is next week. I find that kind of hilarious.

I really enjoyed getting my architecture geek on.

There is not enough money in the world to get me to put on a crazy show choir dress. Or sing in a show choir, for that matter.

I can pick out a choir geek on the street from half a block.

The water tastes terrible. So terrible that I broke my own moral code and bought bottled water. Twice.

It's a nice place but not, as it turns out, my kind of town.

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